Slap Fight World Federation


We are the global body for Slap Fighting, the new combat sport with an estimated 200 million followers worldwide.

Our Focus

SFWF is focused on developing Slap Fighting as an international sport, from the recreational level to the elite, driving the development of common sets of rules, safety regulations, structure, progression pathways and mutual exchange.


SFWF is focused on gaining worldwide recognition for the sport of Slap Fighting. Official recognition on every level – regional, national and global – to enable safeguarding, minimize risks and to increase opportunities and benefits for the sport’s participants.

National federations

SFWF provides rules, regulations and governance, structured progression pathways, educational systems and licensing, which are developed democratically through SFWF elected board.

International competition

SFWF organizes elite amateur nations tournaments all over the world. SFWF Championships bring together National Teams from member federations all over the world, creating a hub and platform for ongoing sport development.

The Mission

The challenges for SLAP FIGHTING are great, but so are the opportunities, and the sport should have no lesser ambition.

We take our purpose and mission seriously and pledge to safeguard the trust invested in us by our national federations, as well as that of all other stakeholders of the sport. We endeavor to earn this trust through our actions and by clearly communicating what the SFWF brand stands for.


SFWF is an organization committed to developing SLAP FIGHTING as an international sport, from the recreational to elite level, supporting the establishment of regulation and best practice. 

Board of Directors

Headed by SFWF President, the Board of Directors is the volunteer led executive body of SFWF.